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ToR for evaluation of the RFSU learning network - Learning 4 Change (L4C)

Internationella Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-08-21

About RFSU

RFSU is a Swedish, non-profit and non-governmental organisation, working in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). RFSUs vision is a world in which everyone is free to make decisions about their own bodies and sexuality. Our aim is to spread a knowledge-based and open view of sexuality and relationships issues to overcome prejudices, bridge knowledge gaps and improve sexual health and wellbeing. We run projects and programmes to promote SRHR — both in Sweden and internationally. RFSU works to strengthen international legal, political and financial support for SRHR, and contribute to civil society agency on SRHR, by partnering with other civil society actors and supporting progressive civil society voices in low- and middle-income countries. RFSU partners with approximately 40 civil society organisations in 20 different countries worldwide.


RFSUs work is based on experience, expertise and knowledge. Being a learning organisation means constantly evolving by trying new ideas, developing new methods and deepening the knowledge. Learning 4 Change (L4C) is a network for joint learning by RFSU and its partner organisations. L4C was developed and piloted in 2018 and launched in 2019. The aims of L4C have been to jointly harvest, generate, share and implement knowledge. At the present L4C has around 100 members and half of them are more actively engaged. The work in L4C has been organised in three thematic clusters focused on safe abortion, comprehensive sexuality education and sexual rights. Each cluster has been led by a cluster facilitator and an RFSU staff member has coordinated the network. Each cluster had annual plans and was allocated a budget for activities such as research and other studies done by external consultants as well as members of L4C, online webinars, in person meetings, and attending international conferences. Now it is time to assess what has worked and not and what results have been achieved in order to reflect and decide on next steps for L4C. This evaluation will inform the next phase of L4C.

Since 2015, RFSU has worked to strengthen intersectional perspectives within our organisation and in our external programmes. RFSU has also extensively supported partner organisations in learning, methods development and implementation of feminist intersectional perspectives. RFSU conducted introductory online courses as well as in dept courses in intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR for representatives from partner organisations. Approximately 70 people have participated in these courses. Apart from the courses, coaching has been offered to around 10 organisations and a three year pilot project has been implemented with the aim to develop methods for implementing feminist intersectional perspectives. 


Aims of the evaluation

  • Identify expected and unexpected results and outputs of L4C.
  • Assess to what extent the results for L4C have been achieved: knowledge has been jointly harvested, generated, shared and implemented.
  • Assess to what extent L4C has contributed to networking, collaboration and alliance building.
  • Impact of COVID on expected outcomes/results.
  • Identify good practices and challenges regarding the functioning of L4C
  • Suggest changes to strengthen the benefits and results of L4C. 
  • Assess the results achieved to strengthen feminist intersectional perspectives within partner organisations. 
  • Identify good practices of how partners have made use of the perspectives within their organisations and operations. 
  • Suggest on how RFSU can improve the work with intersectionality.

Questions guiding the evaluation

  • What is considered by L4C members to be the main contribution of L4C?
  • What lessons/knowledge/skills from L4C have members put in practice in their work?
  • What are the main results from the RFSU work on feminist intersectional perspectives?
  • How can RFSU better its work on joint learning?

Groups that need to be consulted/interviewed:

  • Present and previous members of L4C, and RFSU partner organisations who are not members. 
  • L4C cluster facilitators and RFSU staff.
  • Organisations participating in online courses on feminist intersectional perspectives and organisations receiving support to implement these perspectives. 


  • A draft and final report including lessons learnt, results from L4C - learnings made use of, suggestions for the future of L4C as well as learnings and results from the work with feminist intersectional perspectives and suggestions on how to develop that work. 
  • Online presentations for L4C members and RFSU staff.

Consultant’s profile

The consultant is expected to have solid and documented knowledge and experience of:

  • Intersectionality and feminist theory
  • Capacity building
  • CSO and movement-building within the development sector
  • The SRHR sector
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Qualitative research methods, including qualitative interviewing, observation and text analysis
  • Professional report writing 
  • Relevant research-based advanced degree.
  • Working freely in English with a good set of communication skills, especially across different countries and cultures.

Desirable experience: 

  • Spanish language


The consultancy should begin in August/September 2022 and be finalised in December 2022. 


The total budget for this assignment is 200 000 SEK (VAT included)


 The tender should include:

  • Detailed technical offer explaining your understanding of the consultancy, method, tools and design of the assignment as well as operationalization of the research questions
  • Project timeline
  • Budget including price per hour and total price
  • Full contact details of at least two references from among recent clients
  • CV (max. 4 pages highlighting work experience and qualifications relevant to this evaluation).
  • One sample of recent work

CV with references and contact details and your proposal are expected to be uploaded no later than 21/08/2022 at jobb.rfsu.se


For questions please contact Alexandra Johns at alexandra@asiapacificalliance.org and Mie Radeka Romée at mie.radeka.romee@rfsu.se Since it is vacation period in Sweden please include both Alexa and Mie in your communication.