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Consultancy for the development of case studies on Intersectional feminist perspectives

Internationella Sista ansökningsdag: 2023-03-24

About RFSU

RFSU is a Swedish, non-profit and non-governmental organisation, working in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). RFSUs vision is a world in which everyone is free to make decisions about their own bodies and sexuality. Our aim is to spread a knowledge-based and open view of sexuality and relationships issues to overcome prejudices, bridge knowledge gaps and improve sexual health and wellbeing. We run projects and programmes to promote SRHR — both in Sweden and internationally. RFSU works to strengthen international legal, political and financial support for SRHR, and contribute to civil society agency on SRHR, by partnering with other civil society actors and supporting progressive civil society voices in low- and middle-income countries. RFSU partners with approximately 40 civil society organisations in 20 different countries worldwide.



Since 2016 the International Department at RFSU has actively worked on integration of  intersectional feminist perspectives. The department has implemented different strategies  together with partners to strengthen our understanding and application of intersectional feminist perspectives in our work and organisations. Now we would like to put more efforts into strengthening the applicability/implementation of intersectional feminist  perspectives to support RFSU and partners to put intersectional feminist perspectives into practice. To  this end, we aim to produce a set of case studies documenting work done by partner organisations incorporating intersectional feminist  perspectives at the practical level in program, policy and methods as well as within their organisations.  



Aims of the assignment

  • To gather evidence and share intersectional feminist practice among different partners and RFSU.

  • To conduct several interviews with up to 5 partners organisations, interested in sharing and reflecting on their own intersectional feminist practice. 

  • To write the case studies based on a guiding outline and questions provided by RFSU and, share and provide comments to partners

 Case studies´s themes 

  • Practices and learnings from intersectional feminist work at an  institutional/ internal organizational level 

  • Practices and learnings from intersectional feminist work at the community level 

  • Practices and learnings from intersectional feminist work at the policy level 

  • Practices and learnings from intersectional feminist work in  knowledge production and research 



  • A draft and final booklet on Intersectional feminist perspectives,  including the practice based on the partners case studies 

  • Online presentation for partners and RFSU


Consultant’s profile

The consultant is expected to have solid and documented knowledge and experience of:

  • Intersectionality and feminist theory

  • Capacity building

  • CSO and movement-building within the development sector

  • The SRHR sector

  • Qualitative interviewing and text analysis

  • Professional report writing in English. 

  • Relevant research-based advanced degree.

  • Working freely in English with a good set of communication skills, especially across different countries and cultures.


Desirable experience: 

  • Spanish language skills



The consultancy should begin the 19th of April 2023 and be finalised by the 31st of August 2023. This will be 25 days of consultancy work. 



The total budget for this assignment is 60,000 SEK (excluding VAT)



The proposal should include

  • CV (max. 4), including two references from recent clients and budge
  • One sample of a similar work done previously


Deadline for the application is the 24/03/2023 

Belen Sobrino, Thematic Advisor