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Security Training Consultant

Stockholm Internationella Sista ansökningsdag: 2023-12-04

Consultant for shaping and facilitating a Security Training for both RFSU’s Management Team and the International Unit’s travelling staff

  1. Introduction

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) was founded in 1933 and is today  the leading organisation in Sweden in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights  (SRHR). 

RFSU’s purpose is to drive and mobilise for change towards SRHR, choice and pleasure.  Our priority areas within SRHR are access to safe abortion, access to sexuality education  and sexuality and non-discrimination. RFSU aims to strengthen international legal, political  and financial support for SRHR, and contributes to civil society agency on SRHR, by  partnering with other civil society actors and supporting progressive civil society voices in  low- and middle-income countries. RFSU cooperates with approximately 40 civil society  organisations in 20 different countries worldwide. 

We are therefore looking for a consultant with expertise in security training for travelling staff. 


  1. Background to the project

At RFSU’s International Unit we have 30 staff members travelling approximately on a regular  basis to LOW and MIC countries but also to Brussels, Geneva, New York etc. At the moment  we mainly support Civil Society Organisations in the following countries.  

  • Liberia, Ghana, Kenya in Africa 
  • Bolivia, Regional programs in Central America
  • Cambodia, Sri Lanka and regional programmes in Asia.
  • Georgia

Our staff have different security training backgrounds. During the last 5 years staff has  undergone several trainings on a) security training (2016) b) de-escalating communication and risk management theory (2021-22) c) Self-care and how to deal with difficult situations (2023).

RFSU has a Security Policy, guidelines for travelling, templates for risk-analysis and  mitigation plans, ToR for travelling, checklists, which the training should be based on. The two trainings will take place at RFSU’s office in Stockholm, Sweden.


  1. Assignment

Training 1:

Target groups and roles: Persons travelling regularly as part of their job (around 30 people) 

Areas of focus in the training: 

  • Security and how to manage threats and situatons of physical risk (for example threatening situations in urban settings).
  • First Aid Practice: using our first aid kits when we travel.
  • Wellbeing and how to manage stressful situations, fatigue, and how to relate and support each other, self-care while travelling.
  • Information security and how to decrease risks for yourself/partners; to secure ways of communicating digitally.
  • In case of an incident during travel - how to act? What routines to follow.

Scope: One day with both theory and practise twice during 2024


Training 2: 

Target groups and roles: RFSU’s Management Team, Head of Security and HR (around 10 people) 

Areas of focus in the training: Management duty of care 

  • Duty of care (arbetsgivaransvar)
  • Security policy + guidelines
  • Incident Reporting
  • Crisis management

Scope: 0,5 day at RFSU office twice during 2024


The consultant will arrange and facilitate the two training sessions twice during 2024: once in spring and once in fall. 

After the four trainings, participants will fill out an evaluation form and the consultant will collect their written feedback. 

In addition to that, the consultant and RFSU will follow up the trainings in a meeting, evaluating and discussing steps forward. 


  1. Methodologies
  • Base the training on RFSU Security Policy and procedures.
  • Build on examples in the group and build scenarios around and make use of good practises from the group.
  • Interactive sessions

The consultant will have a contact person at RFSU who will assist in providing support in terms of logistics and being a sounding board in preparations and evaluation of the training. 


  1. Profile of the consultant

The ideal consultant should possess the following qualifications: 

  • Demonstrated expertise in Security Risk Management in international and human rights-based contexts
  • Strong practical and theoretical knowledge of the specific challenges of Security Risk Management for NGO:s and Human Rights based operations
  • Communication and facilitation skills
  • Familiarities with international development and civil society dynamics


  1. Timeline

The first security training is expected to be conducted during early spring 2024 the second during fall. The specific timeline and details will be further discussed and agreed upon during  the contract negotiations. 


  1. Application
  • A detailed tender on method and design of the assignment
  • A project timeline
  • Budget
  • CV and contact details

Last submission day: December 4th 2023 


  1. Contact: Ebba von Schilcher Persson, Administrator, International unit: ebba@rfsu.se.