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Call for consultants: e-learning, Intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR

Internationell programverksamhet Sista ansökningsdag: 2024-06-24

Background to the project 

In 2015, RFSU committed to integrating intersectional feminist perspectives in its international programme. Since that time, the international unit has implemented numerous strategies, in its internal work as well as together with partners, aimed at strengthening intersectional feminist approaches and co-creating knowledge and learning from such work. Key examples of this include the provision of funding to, and learning from, a pilot project implemented by Fós Feminista and members of the regional abortion initiative in Latin America, focused on taking intersectional feminist perspectives seriously in the internal and external work of the organisations. Furthermore, introductory as well as more in-depth online courses on intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR have been offered to partner organisations between 2020-2022, and coaching has been provided directly to a smaller number of interested partner organisations, through consultants. Furthermore, in 2023, six partner organisations and RFSU have, with the assistance of a consultant, explored what implementation of intersectional perspectives looks like in practice for the different organisations - a process that has been documented in the form of case studies.  

RFSU intends to draw on the approaches, strategies, and material developed over the past years to set up an e-learning course on intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR. The training will be offered through RFSU’s e-learning platform and open to partner organisations and allies, in addition to RFSU staff and members. The training will be self-paced, with the possibility of partaking in online exchange sessions after each module.

Overall aim

The aim of producing an e-learning on Intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR is to:

  • Systematize and make available relevant material and methods on intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR produced by RFSU and like-minded actors, including practical reflections by RFSU and partners on implementing intersectional feminist perspectives internally and in external programmes.
  • Ensure that RFSU and its partners have access to knowledge on intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR, and a space for joint in-depth reflections so that the e-learning initiative will contribute to strengthening the integration of intersectional feminist perspectives in the work of RFSU and its partner organisations.

Expected outputs

  • The consultants will produce an e-learning on intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR, consisting of 4-6 modules, elaborated jointly with RFSUs thematic experts. It will draw on and adapt material developed within RFSU over the past years but also include new material - both open access articles, videos and other material, and new texts produced by the consultant in collaboration with the thematic experts. The focus, content and division of the modules will be decided with the selected consultant, but the tentative focus is: i) Introduction to intersectionality; ii) intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR; iii) Intersectional feminist analysis, methods, tools and project design; iv) Sexual and reproductive justice; v) Intersectional feminist self-care 
  • The consultant will participate in 4 feedback sessions (two of them with test groups), and make relevant adaptations based on the feedback. 
  • The consultant will be asked to give a presentation on the e-learning at an internal meeting once completed


  • The ceiling amount for the production of the e-learning is 75 000 SEK (VAT included)

Profile of the consultant 

  • Extensive experience in course design, including e-learning courses and production of teaching materials
  • Solid knowledge of intersectionality and feminist theory
  • Knowledge of intersectional feminist/norm-critical pedagogy 
  • Knowledge of intersectional feminist perspective on SRHR and reproductive justice
  • Experience from working with the inclusion of intersectional feminist perspectives in civil society organisations (internally and in external programmes)
  • Fluency in English
  • Knowledge of Spanish is an advantage


The work should be conducted during August - November. A first draft of the e-learning course should be completed and shared with a test group by October 15. A final version should be ready by November 31st, and the full assignment completed no later than December 10th.


The tender should include:

  • A detailed description of the interpretation of the assignment, method and design
  • A project timeline
  • Budget incl. price per hour and total price
  • CV with references relevant to the this task, and contact details 
  • Samples of training courses/training material produced previously

Deadline for the application is the 24/06/2024. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview early August. Please apply by clicking on Ansök.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Thematic advisers for Intersectional feminist perspectives on SRHR, belen.sobrino@rfsu.se and asa.eriksson@rfsu.se.

Åsa Eriksson

Belen Sobrino